A man of many unwavering talents. An avid believer in doing what one loves. ALEXANDRE ALLAI aims to play joyful music to put smiles on people´s faces. His passion and maturity for music came at an early age as he grew up listening to African Cuban, Soul and Hip Hop music. His relationship with DJing started after graduating from College (Pennsylvania, USA) when he and his older brother organized a weekly event called “Club Diamond” back in 2005. He started doing the warm ups till he got the hang of it to play during the peak hours. During that time, ALEXANDRE ALLAI started producing music on Cubase, which was well received on social sites like MySpace.
After a trip to Paris in 2009, ALEXANDRE ALLAI got introduced to Soulful Afro House in the renowned club “DJOON” where he instantly fell in love with the feel of the music. To him, this genre combined all corners of the world at once and brought joy to the listeners. To this day, ALEXANDRE ALLAI has been mixing this sound along with other genres of electronic music in different clubs, bars or company events and uses it as a source of inspiration for his fashion label. Hence the tagline “Joyful Mashion”.

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