Why I chose to be part of the HM x KENZO. I guess the concept Vangardist presented to me was easy to be sold on. Four artists from all walks of life placed in an “Eccentric Jungle” to tackle the problem of today´s “Mainstream”.

Being a designer who has not studied fashion design and a deejay who rarely plays mainstream music I find myself in an underground world I am creating to my liking. This is where lies my honesty, authenticity and my truth. Do I want everybody to know me? No. Fame is not the goal of my endeavour. I believe that happiness breeds success, I am happy the rest will follow…

Alexandre Allai



Creative Director / Mirza Sprecakovic
Photography / Lukas Rotter
Styling / Mirza Sprecakovic
Hair & Make Up / Emin Akan


Alexandre Allai
Martin Ehmele
Pandora Nox

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