25 years of Snoop Dogg… Where would Hip Hop be without him?

Neva Left will be Snoop Dogg’s 15th studio album, following last year’s Coolaid. Probably a lot of you have not even known about the last one 😉

The artwork shared on his Instagram could indicate a throwback sound. Well the first single definitely does sound like it. See for yourself:


If the whole album has that 90´s west coast type of sound adding Snoop´s flawless flow then we are in for a treat… This combination could be bring so many memories back because, to me, that is when I really started listening to Hip Hop. I did not understand anything but it was great…lol… East, West or South coast, it did not matter… The rappers who are dead or “old” now where teenagers or in their early twenties… Just pure creative talents… Thinking about it is unbelievable like one of my favourite Biggie Smalls song:


Listening to this track sends me back 20 years back where I was reading The Source magazine to see how many Mics he got for his album… (Insider detail)…

Anyways all of them have Neva Left either…




Image via @snoopdogg on Instagram

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